March 02

What else can we say about Scott & Rachel apart from the fact that they’re a drop-dead-gorgeous-looking couple, that they chose a great location for their wedding celebration at the National Liberal Club at 1 Whitehall Place, London and that we absolutely loved being part of their day! With our job, we always find it interesting to know where and how couples meet and of course how the groom proposed. Well, with all the stories we have heard, this one most definitely scores a ten out of ten! Scott proposed by planting ONIONS with the words “WILL YOU MARRY ME” on a piece of ground. Rachel at first did not notice and it was only until after they had spent a summer of fending off weeds and insects when the message became clear. Of course she said YES and the rest is history! Congratulations, Scott & Rachel. We hope you will have a great life together and many more interesting stories to tell.

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