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Greek Wedding Photographer

Greek Wedding Photographer = NEVER a dull moment! This particular wedding that we did for ZaraZoo was beyond fun and Meyer and I had one of the best days ever photographing the wedding of Chris and Angelique in Bloemfontein – South Africa. We know Stefan from ZaraZoo from when he use to live in London. He has been back in South Africa for a couple of years now and runs a very successful business in Cape Town. We were fortunate to shoot this wedding for them as they get loads of bookings during the busy summer season and Chris and Angelique’s wedding just so happened to be in the place where Meyer and I both grew up. The wedding reception took place at Kiepersolrant. As this is a fairly new venue, we decided to do the couple shoot and bridal party shots at a different venue down the road, Monte Bello Estate. Thank you to the amazing Liesl from Iiola who coordinated the wedding and organized this shoot with Michael from Monte Bello. Liesl, we absolutely LOVED working with you!  Thank you also to the guys at Alexander Productions for making it enjoyable for us to work with you on the day. We hope you enjoy looking through these images as much as we enjoyed shooting them!

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July 01

Corporate Photographers London

We recently did a corporate shoot for the senior pastors in our church as they always need new images to use for upcoming events and the website. You can see more of our corporate work here – (Corporate Photographers London). Although we used our studio setup for a few shots, we also wanted to do something a bit different by using some of the amazing street scenes in London to create a less traditional feel. This is probably one of the reasons why we love London so much – within a very short distance you’ll find the most diverse and creative backdrops to shoot against. We had so much fun doing this and will be forever grateful to be a part of such an amazing church like this one (click here to find out more). It has changed our lives so much and it is great to have this awesome support of friends who eventually become just as close as family! We love our church. Hope you guys enjoy looking through the images.

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Corporate Photographers London – We cover a huge variety of corporate shoots, events, year end functions and portrait shoots (headshots). Some of our clients include BT, Crossrail, John F Hunt Demolition, CRC International and many more. We have a professional and friendly approach, please get in touch if you want to find out more or for a more specific quote!

April 24

To say that we REALLY cannot wait to meet Leon & Yvonne’s baby girl is a total understatement! Apart from them being good friends of ours, Leon and Yvonne have had their share of trials and those who have heard their testimony will know that this miracle baby has such a great story of faith! So for us it was an awesome experience to have been able to (finally!) do this shoot for them. Leon & Yvonne, we love you guys and we know you are going to be amazing parents. We can’t wait to see what else God has in store for your lives as a family!

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March 17

We were so lucky with the weather on the last weekend in September when we did Hettie & Alberto’s engagement shoot around the South Bank and Waterloo Station. They are getting married in November and since we know them from church, we were of course very excited when they asked us to be a part of their special day. Guys, we know you are going to have an awesome future ahead of you and we can’t wait for the wedding. We hope you like these few taster shots from the engagement shoot – we love them!

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March 02

What else can we say about Scott & Rachel apart from the fact that they’re a drop-dead-gorgeous-looking couple, that they chose a great location for their wedding celebration at the National Liberal Club at 1 Whitehall Place, London and that we absolutely loved being part of their day! With our job, we always find it interesting to know where and how couples meet and of course how the groom proposed. Well, with all the stories we have heard, this one most definitely scores a ten out of ten! Scott proposed by planting ONIONS with the words “WILL YOU MARRY ME” on a piece of ground. Rachel at first did not notice and it was only until after they had spent a summer of fending off weeds and insects when the message became clear. Of course she said YES and the rest is history! Congratulations, Scott & Rachel. We hope you will have a great life together and many more interesting stories to tell.

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August 12

Ariana is the beautiful baby girl of Hannah and JJ and was just 7 days old when we did this shoot! We’ve known Hannah & JJ for a couple of years as we all go to the same church and for everyone who knows them and haven’t met their little princess, hope you enjoy these shots.

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