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Greek Wedding Photographer

Greek Wedding Photographer = NEVER a dull moment! This particular wedding that we did for ZaraZoo was beyond fun and Meyer and I had one of the best days ever photographing the wedding of Chris and Angelique in Bloemfontein – South Africa. We know Stefan from ZaraZoo from when he use to live in London. He has been back in South Africa for a couple of years now and runs a very successful business in Cape Town. We were fortunate to shoot this wedding for them as they get loads of bookings during the busy summer season and Chris and Angelique’s wedding just so happened to be in the place where Meyer and I both grew up. The wedding reception took place at Kiepersolrant. As this is a fairly new venue, we decided to do the couple shoot and bridal party shots at a different venue down the road, Monte Bello Estate. Thank you to the amazing Liesl from Iiola who coordinated the wedding and organized this shoot with Michael from Monte Bello. Liesl, we absolutely LOVED working with you!  Thank you also to the guys at Alexander Productions for making it enjoyable for us to work with you on the day. We hope you enjoy looking through these images as much as we enjoyed shooting them!

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I had the privilege to photograph one of the most iconic leaders on two different occasions. These are some of my favourite Madiba images. The first set was taken at Grey College, Bloemfontein – South Africa, this was still back in the film days!! Nikon F5, 80-200mm f2.8 lens and Fuji Colour Film. The first image was scanned in and converted to black & white in Photoshop.



Corporate Photographers London-005 Corporate Photographers London-006 Corporate Photographers London-007

Almost ten years later and what a great privilege it was to assist South African photographer, Alet van Huyssteen, with a shoot at the Dorchester Hotel. Two of the greatest world leaders had lunch together in the build up towards the 46664 concert in London and Alet did the job for former President Bill Clinton. Alet does work for the Nelson Mandela Foundation on a regular basis and is also a very good friend of ours. Thanks Alet!!

On the second photo you can see the legendary photographer Terry O’Neill next to Madiba’s PA, Zelda le Grange.

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