May 01

These images totally cheered me up today! They were taken during our last trip to South Africa, just over a year ago and we never had time to look at them properly or to publish a blog post until now. Meyer and I were so fascinated by them and had so much fun shooting this – we “hanged” with the ostriches for over an hour! We were on our way home from the beach and drove past this Ostrich farm almost every day, but on this occasion, we decided to stop and check them out. We discovered that ostriches in fact truly are very curious creatures and it turned out that they were more interested in checking us out! So, from a distance, one ostrich spotted us standing by the gate. Not sure as to whether it was Meyer’s lens reflecting in the light, but within seconds, the whole flock was within a meter’s distance from us. One of them got so interested in the lens and gave both of us a big fright when he picked at the lens and the next moment, he had his whole beak wrapped around it! Meyer was quick enough to get a really awesome shot of this. You can check out some of our favourite images below…and if you ever have the opportunity in your life to stop at an ostrich farm – DO IT! Watching them from up close is thoroughly entertaining!

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