May 01

These images totally cheered me up today! They were taken during our last trip to South Africa, just over a year ago and we never had time to look at them properly or to publish a blog post until now. Meyer and I were so fascinated by them and had so much fun shooting this – we “hanged” with the ostriches for over an hour! We were on our way home from the beach and drove past this Ostrich farm almost every day, but on this occasion, we decided to stop and check them out. We discovered that ostriches in fact truly are very curious creatures and it turned out that they were more interested in checking us out! So, from a distance, one ostrich spotted us standing by the gate. Not sure as to whether it was Meyer’s lens reflecting in the light, but within seconds, the whole flock was within a meter’s distance from us. One of them got so interested in the lens and gave both of us a big fright when he picked at the lens and the next moment, he had his whole beak wrapped around it! Meyer was quick enough to get a really awesome shot of this. You can check out some of our favourite images below…and if you ever have the opportunity in your life to stop at an ostrich farm – DO IT! Watching them from up close is thoroughly entertaining!

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April 24

To say that we REALLY cannot wait to meet Leon & Yvonne’s baby girl is a total understatement! Apart from them being good friends of ours, Leon and Yvonne have had their share of trials and those who have heard their testimony will know that this miracle baby has such a great story of faith! So for us it was an awesome experience to have been able to (finally!) do this shoot for them. Leon & Yvonne, we love you guys and we know you are going to be amazing parents. We can’t wait to see what else God has in store for your lives as a family!

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April 16

So, a few weeks ago we had the privilege of experiencing farm life in the UK when we did a shoot for PK, Marleen and their very well trained dog, Mitre, up in Cambridgeshire on the farm where PK works. Now, for those of you who were following Britain’s Got Talent, you saw Ashley and the very cute, Pudsey, win the show. Well, after seeing some of Mitre’s tricks, we have no doubt that she, with a little bit of training, could be the first “farm” dog to win next year’s show! What an awesome experience – a beautiful sunny afternoon, perfect blue skies and the quietness of nature! We love these images and hope you will enjoy looking through them too.

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April 15

A selection of my favourite images from the weekend – Harlequins vs Bath and Saracens vs Worcester Warriors.

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March 17

We were so lucky with the weather on the last weekend in September when we did Hettie & Alberto’s engagement shoot around the South Bank and Waterloo Station. They are getting married in November and since we know them from church, we were of course very excited when they asked us to be a part of their special day. Guys, we know you are going to have an awesome future ahead of you and we can’t wait for the wedding. We hope you like these few taster shots from the engagement shoot – we love them!

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March 11

Some of you might remember my previous post on film cameras and my (slight) obsession with the top end range Nikon film cameras. Since this post, I have now become  a few steps closer to my dream of owning all of the high end Nikon film cameras – from the original Nikon F up to their latest film flagship the Nikon F6. I am very proud to say that, thanks to E-bay (and the wife’s permission), I have already bought the F, F3 and F4 cameras, so my collection is indeed growing!

On a recent trip to Istanbul we loaded the F4 with a selection of Ilford black & white films and I was very impressed with the results. You’ve got to just love the grain and mood that you can only create with a film camera! These are a selection of images taken around the fish markets near the Galata Bridge, the famous Blue Mosque and the Grand Bazaar (one of the largest covered markets in the world with 60 streets and over 5000 shops). Istanbul, by the way, is one of the most amazing places we’ve ever visited and we hope you enjoy looking through these few images as much as we enjoyed being there and shooting them!

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March 02

What else can we say about Scott & Rachel apart from the fact that they’re a drop-dead-gorgeous-looking couple, that they chose a great location for their wedding celebration at the National Liberal Club at 1 Whitehall Place, London and that we absolutely loved being part of their day! With our job, we always find it interesting to know where and how couples meet and of course how the groom proposed. Well, with all the stories we have heard, this one most definitely scores a ten out of ten! Scott proposed by planting ONIONS with the words “WILL YOU MARRY ME” on a piece of ground. Rachel at first did not notice and it was only until after they had spent a summer of fending off weeds and insects when the message became clear. Of course she said YES and the rest is history! Congratulations, Scott & Rachel. We hope you will have a great life together and many more interesting stories to tell.

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March 02

There are just no words to describe this wedding! Okay, we said no words, but would still like to mention how much we loved being part of Jo & Dave’s wedding. We have truly been blessed with the best clients this year and Jo & Dave were no different. Honestly, Jo had a smile on her face from the morning where we met her and her bridesmaids at the hairdresser right up until the end of the day. After having their hair done, the girls made their way back to Jo & Dave’s flat where they got ready (this included a few cups of tea, a bit of singing & dancing, girls sharing make-up and all together just heaps and heaps of fun)! Jo’s mom and dad even joined in and at this point we realised that this was going to be a day never to forget! The church ceremony was held at The Church on the Heath in Hampshire. After the ceremony, all the guests made their way to Taplins Place where they enjoyed an afternoon tea (we absolutely loved this idea)!  The evening reception included a BBQ and a special moment where Jo took to the dance floor with her dad! Well done to Jo (and Dave, but mostly Jo) for arranging what seemed to be a perfect day!

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October 03

When I talk to other photographers about cameras and their camera gear, I always joke and say that when I win the Lotto, I’ll start spending it by buying the whole top end range of Nikon film cameras, from the original F up to the F6. (The only problem is: I don’t even play the Lotto – I think I only once bought a ticket and this was about 12 years ago!)

I don’t know why, but I just love these cameras, especially the F3 and F4, they are beautiful solid workhorses that have been used by so many legendary photographers across the globe. One of my favourite film photographers has to be Bang Bang Club member, Ken Oosterbroek, he was nominated the South African Press Photographer of The Year three times and won numerous World Press awards.

Anyways, I was fortunate enough to learn photography and start out on film cameras. My first a Pentax SP1000 and later a Pentax P30T, both manual focus cameras. But technology evolved and soon auto focus cameras were available. I got my very first auto focus camera, the Nikon F801s. This was later followed by the F90x and F5.

I think every photographer should start off by using film cameras, there is just no better way to learn the basics of photography, gear and composition. It has become way to easy to just be able to look at the back of your camera and make a few adjustments accordingly. In my “Pentax-era”, I was shooting mostly black & white, using Ilford FP4 and HP5 film. Now, my eldest brother went on to be a newspaper photographer and conveniently, I was lucky to be able to send the film off to him to be developed in his darkroom. The prints he sent back were usually accompanied by a long letter with some tips on how to improve my photography skills (no email in those days…).

Up until today I am still very grateful to both my brothers for their influence on my photography career. When my eldest brother and his family came to visit us from South Africa a few weeks ago, I was over the moon when he brought me his old Nikon FM2 with 50mm f1.4 lens – the perfect way to give my film adventures a kick start!

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August 13

There is one thing we love about our job as wedding photographers: we get to see some of the most amazing venue’s in the UK. This year kicked off to a great start when Sarah & Andy chose to get married at Highclere Castle in Berkshire. Some of you might recognize this spectacular venue as the backdrop for ITV’s very successful period drama “Downton Abbey”. One thing we also found very interesting is that the present day Castle was designed in 1842 by Sir Charles Barry, the architect also responsible for building the Houses of Parliament in Westminster. Sarah & Andy had a small, intimate wedding and they chose to celebrate with only close family. The gorgeous kids in the images below are theirs and I’m sure you’ll agree that these kids have the most amazing smiles! Well done, Evie & Monty, you guys did such a great job on the day. Congratulations to Sarah & Anday and thank you for having us photograph this special day in your lives. We are very much now looking forward to your day of celebrations in June! Hope you like these few taster shots as much as we do!

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